Sinaya Sanchis hails from mexican roots and is born into a family with strong musical roots. While her parents are classical orchestra musicians, she decided to find her own way in rap music. With the rap crew too funk sistaz in the year 2006 she paved the way for female vocalist in hip-hop and rap.

Johannes Hoffmann is known as one of Berlin finest flamenco guitar player. After his studies at CodArts University of Arts in Rotterdam, he lived in Spain to get to the source of flamenco spirit

Matteo Bowinkelmann is a passionate percussion player hailing from an Afro-Cuban background. In CodArts University of Arts in Rotterdam, he learned the many ways of Cuban music. In his life as a musical explorer, he lived in Portugal and Cuba and absorbed the musical traditions.

Mario Lopez is Spanish native and lover of the arts of his country. But despite being born at the roots of flamenco, he decided himself find new ways of music in Brazil. Being a formidable guitar player in the Brazilian music styles, he found his way as flamenco bass player in La Vecindad.

Nhat Tuyen Vo Dieu is the Berlin native in this band. He is a musical unresting soul in the melting pot of Berlin's music scene. Having worked with over 20 bands in his lifetime he got in contact with musicians and music traditions from Africa, Asia, South- and North America. He studied the jazz saxophone at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and added the flute to his repertoire there.